Industrial rentals

  • Premises from 100 sq.m. to 10,000 sq.m.;
  • Primary lease fee 1 EUR per sq.m.;
  • Construction of new industrial premises.
  • High electric power capacity - 15 MW, possibility to increase if necessary;
  •  Competitive electricity price;
  •  Provision of full range engineering communications;
  •  Railway branch with a crane goat, operator and storage area;
  •  Industrial steam can be provided in cooperation with the adjoining company Fortum.


For over 20 years, under the management of “MADARA” there are 4 objects in Jelgava city.

Today, more than 70 customers have selected our premises as a place for development of their businesses.  They are from private business sector such as lessees of offices and small workshops, as well as local producers and international enterprises. We are particularly proud that many of them have been our long term customers who are leasing premises for over 10 years.

We have an understanding of our customers’ needs and we can reach compromises as for more than 25 years we have been working in the metal working industry - we produce containers for the Western market and equipment for metallurgical plants for the Eastern market.

Upon selecting our premises for your business you are granted an opportunity to increase the lease area in the already existing buildings or the new-constructed industrial premises specifically for you.

We can reconstruct and adjust existing buildings to our customers’ needs. We can provide accommodation services for your employees in apartment or dormitory type rooms.

In cooperation with the Zemgale Region Competences Development Centre and the Metalworking school you can train your employees in the qualifications you require.

Industrial park is the place where the industry representatives gather: you will find the services and goods necessary for your business activity in one place.